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Interim Executives and Management in Australia

Interim Executive Solutions

Marriott Interim executive management provides highly experienced and skilled “C Level” executives on a temporary basis to manage a period of transition, change or crisis. Interim executives and managers deliver an immediate and cost effective solution where additional short term resources are urgently required.

Roles undertaken

  • Interim CEO
  • Interim Executive or Interim Manager
  • Interim Project Director or Manager
  • Interim Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)
  • Non-Executive Director

When are Interim Executives & Managers used?

Interim executive and management roles in Australia have grown in popularity as companies face the challenges of increasingly competitive markets while keeping core executive teams nimble and focused. Highly experienced temporary executive managers available at short notice offer an immediate solution to urgent business needs including;

Interim Management

  • Transition, change or crisis management, including unforeseen departure of the incumbent or executive overload. An interim CEO will “hit the ground running.”
  • An interim project manager to lead a specific time critical project or initiative, including M&A transactions, expansion, ownership transition, or business integration.
  • Implement a balance sheet and operational restructure requiring an interim CEO or interim manager with turnaround and restructuring expertise.
  • Manage performance improvement, productivity, transformational change and business renewal, using an interim executive with a performance improvement pedigree.
  • Provide leadership and support to strengthen the existing executive team or Board. A team oriented interim CEO has the expertise to add depth and focus.
  • Address a short term skill deficiency or resolve business constraints being driven by culture or personality clashes. An interim executive only acts in the best interests of the business.
  • Undertake an independent financial and operational review.

Advantages of Interim Executive Management

A proven and trusted CEO is a decisive and effective leader capable of driving and managing change. Assignment typically run for three to six months, but may be shorter or longer depending on client needs. Advantages of Interim Executive Management include;

  • Independent and objective approach. Interim executives provide a fresh perspective and focus only on what is best for the business.
  • Leadership, integrity and experience. These specialist skills complement those of the existing executive team or Board.
  • Speed. The interim executive is available at short notice for fixed or flexible periods. An experienced CEO “hits the ground running”.
  • Effectiveness. Operating at or near board level gives interim executives the authority and credibility to effect significant change if required.
  • Accountability and commitment. Performance is measured against agreed milestones, outcomes and timetables.
  • Cost effective. In Australia, interim executives and managers offer a cost effective and comprehensive solution.

Interim management provides access to high calibre, experienced CEO’s who add genuine value, and is the most effective way of solving short term executive resourcing needs.