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Business Transformation & Change Management

Beyond the scope and timeline of Performance Improvement is Business Transformation and Change Management. To reach its next stage of evolution, the business requires transformational change to re-align strategy with structure, capability, capacity, processes and people. Business Transformation may also require improvements to the productivity, efficiency, cost structure or earnings capability of a business as it transitions from where it is, to where it needs to be. Such fundamental change invariably creates both pressures and opportunity which need to be clearly understood, articulated and managed..

Change also has a significant human capital dimension because people are critical to the success or failure of a business transformation project. Marriott Interim works closely with human resources and leadership specialists to create a high performance culture and maximise the benefits of transformational change.

Successful transformation is not about marginal change, so a credible, experienced and objective advisor is required. Internal politics and personal biases must be avoided for a transformation process to succeed. Key areas of focus in Business Transformation can include;
Business Transformation

Successfully implementing a Business Transformation and Change Management project means quick fixes and “silver bullets” will not achieve required outcomes. Using highly skilled CEO’s, Marriott Interim works closely with stakeholders to plan and implement successful Business Transformation projects which position the business for sustainable success.